This page covers most of the Frequently Asked Questions that we receive here at Dockwave. If you don’t find your question, or perhaps an answer doesn’t make sense, or you’ve already tried what’s suggested, then please feel free to let us know.

? ~ I'm new. What features do I get to use?

? ~ I'm unable to get into one of the User Creator Rooms; it says I've been banned and to try another room --Why???

? ~ Why does my nickname sometimes show up in the chat rooms before I do???

? ~ My default motto and/or default icon is not working...why not?

? ~ My default button has disappeared...why?

? ~ Why do I see words underlined for a link in my posts or in other peoples' posts?....and why am I getting pop-up ads???

? ~ I can’t remember my password and/or user I.D. --Help!

? ~ I tried to register for Dockwave before, but it didn’t work. I’m trying to register again, but it says that only one registration per email is allowed. What do I do?

? ~ I don’t understand. I’ve never signed up for Dockwave before, but when I try to register, it tells me that I’m already signed up?

? ~ I’ve registered with Dockwave, but I can’t get into the chat site. What’s wrong?

? ~ How do I change my email address for my membership?

? ~ My Star! membership is about to expire, but I can’t renew it right now. Will I lose my icons?

? ~ I need to know when my Star! membership expires.

? ~ Is there a way to ignore that annoying person in chat?

? ~ How do I purchase a new or renew my membership to Dockwave?

? ~ I don’t understand what all those boxes and spaces are in the chat room.

? ~ How do I register a nickname?

? ~ How do I upload a personalized icon?

? ~ Why do I receive a server error message when I upload my icons?

? ~ How do I rename my personal OR the Dockwave public icons?

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