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For help with problems concerning chat room behavior:

Click to email Any Available Agent/Site Security - (SeaHawk and Aoife)

They will try to respond immediately. Please identify your chat nickname, the nickname(s) of the person(s) causing problems, and a brief description of the problem. A screen shot or copy of the posts, including the time stamp would be very helpful. On rare occasions, there might not be an agent available.


For help creating, editing, finding, or uploading icons, Contact the Designers:

Aurora - Design Coordinator



New to chatting? Not quite sure how to get a nickname? Our Guides can help! Click to email Guides
A guide can help you with any step along the way, from signing up to making friends!

Please note: Dockwave's Guides are NOT Dockwave Agents/Site Security. If you need an Agent, please contact

The Guiding Lights

Honey-Team Leader- The sweet one of the bunch who also works magic with icons. Myrmidon- The Trivia Hostess with all the answers! SandStone- He has a sense of humor and gentlemanly ways. He will easily guide you through the maze of information. Sweet~Gwen- Aptly named and with a twinkle in her eye, she will put you at ease and answer your questions.
DayStar- She is a thoughtful, genteel lady with a helpful nature who will lead you through Dockwave with a smile. Samantha- Our favorite guide to the north has personality plus and will keep you smiling! Winds~Whisper- A talented lady who makes beautiful icons and is very crafty in a good way. Her readings are spellbinding.


For questions, comments, information, or help in any area, Contact the Help Team:

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