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Type in the nickname you want! Permanent handles, or nicknames, mean that these are reserved for your exclusive use, and no one else may have them. If you want a popular nickname, you might try adding ~*^# or other common characters. Names that are already reserved will be rejected. Blank spaces will not work in handles. Names cannot start with a number, nor may they contain the word "agent". They also cannot contain the following symbols: < > & ' " [ ] . Permanent nicknames can have up to 60 characters.

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You get a total of: 1 permanent handle        Want more handles? Click to learn about our Star! Membership!
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Free Members get 1 exclusive nickname. Star! Members have 10 exclusively reserved nicknames.

After you choose your name, be sure to click to register it! Look for an "Accepted handle: " message at the top of the screen.

Go back to room Click here after updating to return to your chatroom. It will take one or two refreshes before your new name will show up in the scroll name menu, top left of the chatroom screen.

Problems getting the name you want? Try looking in the symbols menu on your word processor for nifty symbols to use instead of letters! Many of them will work. (I just registered the nickname "QÔÒÓ¯­¯ª©¨§¦QW¥¤§"--not sure how anyone would pronounce it, though!)

Adding Personalized Images
A Star! Membership Benefit!

Need help? Click here! Upload an image:
Name this image: Name should not duplicate any of your other icon names, should have no spaces or unusual characters.
(This is the name you will see in icon drop-down menu) This is the menu on the chat screen where you choose the icon that will post beside your messages.
Click to upload after checking to make sure you have the file selected, image named, and that guidelines were followed.

Remember, images may be up to 200 pixels wide x 200 pixels high, no more than 50K in size, and they must be in .jpg or .gif format. If your icon is in PNG format, you will receive a SERVER ERROR message. Please re-save your icon in the correct format. Further help can be found, along with incredible icons, at The Icon Design Center. For content restrictions, please refer to our icon policies. In summary, sexy icons are for R-Rated chat only, and they should be implicit rather than explicit. HR rated icons may be used solely in user created rooms visible on the drop down menu or used in private rooms.

You currently have 3 of  20 personal images.
Your current images are:

Remove the image    To delete images, check this box, and click the "Remove" button below.
Rated: PG    Ratings guidelines can be found here. PG images may be used in all chat rooms.
Name: "sampleicon"    This is the name you will highlight in "Icon" menu when you are chatting and wish to display this icon.

Remove the image
Rated: R     Ratings guidelines can be found here. R images are to be used only in R-Rated chat rooms.
Name: "Rsampleicon"

Remove the image
REJECTED IMAGE     Icons can be rejected because they are duplications, because they clearly violate copyright, because they exceed file size limits, or because they exceed content limitations. Write if you have a question about a rejection!
Name: "totallynaked" You will want to remove "Rejected images" and then either re-size, adjust content to be within guidelines, replace if it is clearly copyrighted material, or send to the Designing Women to get their assistance.

NOTE: Rejected or Not Yet Rated images are available for use in R-Rated private chatrooms. DO NOT view their use as an indicator of someone's chat identity as these icons MAY BE DUPES! If in doubt, ask to see icon in a public chat room.

This is forever, so think before you click! Once you remove an image it will need to go through the upload/review process again to be used. We will not store 'removed' images, so make sure you have a copy in case you accidentally remove.


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