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ALL Chat Rooms at Dockwave are for ADULTS ONLY!
The first Monday of every month, we have an Icon Raffle. 9pm eastern
Tuesday night is Trivia night in the Game Room. We start promptly at 10 pm eastern
The last Friday of every month - 9 pm eastern - Intuitive Readings by WindsWhisper


Like in any neighborhood bar, we ask that you keep your quarrels private.  Those who are posting hate speech, being disruptive, or ruining the party will be asked to leave.

Want more features?  A Star! Membership gives you:
bd14752_.gif (667 bytes)10 reserved Nicknames
bd14752_.gif (667 bytes)20 Personal Icons
bd14752_.gif (667 bytes)Only  $13.95 for 3 months,
                 $19.95 for 6 months,
                 $29.95 for a year!

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